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Over 50 Combined Years of Experience


Steinmeyer Fiveash LLP was formed January 1, 2016, when Edwin A. Steinmeyer and John L. Fiveash combined over 50 years of collective environmental law and litigation experience to form a new Florida practice devoted to solving our clients issues in a straightforward and expeditious manner. Located in Tallahassee, home to the State’s agencies and legislative decision makers, we have experience representing industry, developers, state government, municipalities, counties, seaports, airports, and individuals in administrative, civil, and criminal environmental law and litigation issues.


We focus our practice on water, wetlands, air, species protection, waste, property and riparian rights, and litigation – from the simplest permit issue to the most complex federal court litigation. To resolve your issues, we are as comfortable going to court as we are getting out in the field. We believe success in solving complex environmental cases is based on an ability to understand and mold the law, facts, and scientific evidence into a clear, well-articulated strategy and presentation. We take this thorough approach whether we are presenting your issue to EPA, the Corps, state regulators, a county or city commission, or a federal judge.

Environmental Permitting and Regulation 
  • Clean Water Act (CWA) § 404 and Rivers and Harbors Act § 10 Dredge and Fill Permitting and Litigation

  • CWA § 401 Certification

  • CWA Municipal Separate Storm Sewer, Industrial, General, and Individual Permits

  • National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting, Challenges, Enforcement, and Litigation

  • Stormwater Construction, Management, and Infrastructure Funding

  • Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP)

  • National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance and Litigation

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permitting and Enforcement

  • Surface and Groundwater Water Use Permitting and Challenges

  • Safe Drinking Water Act Enforcement and Litigation 

  • Threatened & Endangered (T&E) Species Permitting, Enforcement, and Litigation

  • Wetland Jurisdiction Challenges, Enforcement, and Litigation

Real Estate Development, Site Selection & Due Diligence 
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Review

  • All Appropriate Inquiry Analysis

  • Regulatory Constraints Analysis

  • Comprehensive Identification and Analysis of Regulatory Entity Jurisdiction and Requirements

  • Endangered Species Assessments

  • Flood Plain Mapping Challenges

Federal Regulation of Airports
  • Airport Closures and New Airport Siting, Permitting, and Construction

  • Noise Regulation

  • Airport Expansion and Comprehensive Environmental Permitting Issues

  • Revenue Diversion – FAA Enforcement and Avoidance

  • Federal and State Grant Acquisition and Assurance Issues

  • Grant Assurances – Analysis, Acceptance, and Planning Limitations

  • Third Party Use of Airport Complex Properties – FAA Surplus Property Procedures, Concession Agreements, Leases, Easements, and Licenses​

Water Resources
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) Development and Challenges

  • Planning and Policy Management

  • Water Rights and Resource Acquisition

  • Watershed and Water Quality Management

  • Surface Water Quality Permitting, Analysis, and Dispute Litigation

  • Mining – Permitting, Reclamation, Leasing, and Acquisition

Sovereign Lands 
  • Sovereign submerged lands authorizations

  • State-owned Uplands Sales, Exchanges, Leases, and Easements

  • Dock, Pier, Bulkhead, Seawall, and Marina Permitting

  • Riparian Rights Disputes

  • Butler Act Determinations and Disclaimers

  • Spanish Land Grants

  • Private Ownership of Submerged Lands

  • Mangrove Trimming

  • Seagrass and other SAV Impacts and Mitigation

Contaminated Site Remediation 
  • Groundwater Contaminant Sources and Plumes

  • Remedial Site Closure

  • Brownfield Site Agreements

  • Superfund Program and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)

  • Defense of Owners, Operators, and other Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP); PRP Identification and Searches 

  • State Petroleum Acts – Eligibility, Enforcement, and Closures

  • State and Federal Administrative Tribunals

  • State Circuit Civil Courts

  • Federal District and Circuit Courts

  • White Collar Criminal Environmental Defense

  • State and Federal Environmental Enforcement Defense

Environmental Insurance Cost Recovery
  • Insurance archeology to locate historic insurance assets for clients

  • Pursue insurance coverage actions for environmental claims and suits 

  • Utilize insurance assets to assist in defense and settlement costs, including environmental investigation, remediation and legal defense fees

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